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visualisator 5000 pro apk mod

visualisator 5000 pro apk

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Visualisator 5000 Pro is the extraordinary music visual application of your Android phone or tablet! Just start your favorite MP3 player, place it in the background, start Visualisator 5000, and enjoy the Trippy 2D and 3D graphics of music production!

As long as you can play the song in the background and use the default Android codec to play the song, the application is used with any music player.

As an alternative, you can use the mobile phone/tablet microphone as an input device and provide visual effects for your club, concert or living room!

download visualisator 5000 pro apk free
PRO version has the following free version improvement:
  •   Weless advertisement
  •   Omly more visualization (currently there are more 19,6 than free versions, and more           visualization is        added at any time)
  •   It also run as an animation wallpaper

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