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subway surfers mod apk

subway surfers mod apk

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subway surfers mod is a modified subway with many advantages over the original version, you can get a lot in this game and also improve your game to be more exciting.

You will find many special things here, even the original version of the application will not have the special advantages that this mod version has. What's so special about this subway surfers mod apk. Let's discuss some of these features. 

1. Unlimited money and keys

Playing the mod version of subway surfers game is much demanded by game users. Even they prefer to use the mod version instead of the original one. That's because this mod game has unlimited coins or diamonds. Therefore, many people use the mod version.

Having such a feature will make it easy for you to improve your game and make your game different from other users. Because you can buy everything in the game with unlimited coins or diamonds.

2. unlock all characters

Subway Surfers does have a lot of characters with which to play the game. Usually you can get characters by buying them with real money or by collecting coins or prizes in bulk.

Again, this modification of the game gives you this special thing. You can use many characters in this game for free. Because all the characters in this game are open, you can use them all. 

3. unlimited keys

The role of the key here is to continue playing the game you lost. For example, while running, you suddenly bump into a wall and are caught by the security guards who are chasing you. In other words, the game restarts from the beginning, and the score also starts from zero.

So, if you want to continue running without repeating, you can use this key to continue. However, for the original version, this key is limited and difficult to obtain. But if it is a mod version, you will get this key unlimitedly, and you can continue the game even if you fail.

4. unlock all items

A so-called mod wouldn't be special if it was only a half-hearted attempt to provide special features. So again you will see the advantages of this game mod. Just like the items in this game, you can get all items for free without exception.

Your game will be more fun and provide more extraordinary feeling because it is full of special rights that all of you can get from this game.

5. remove ads

There is also a feature in this app to remove ads that are constantly bothering you. Generally, you need to pay to delete the advertisement, and it will not be deleted permanently, there is a time limit. But for the mod version, you can remove the ads if you like so they don't interfere.

Nama AplikasiSubway Surfers Mod Apk
Size Apk165 MB
Os SistemAndroid
VersiNew Version
Link DownloadHere

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