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semrush vs ahrefs vs moz vs ubersuggest

semrush vs ahrefs vs moz vs ubersuggest

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One of the best keyword analysis tools out there with its own extension and a nice free plan. The SeoQuake extension allows you to track the traffic your site is getting for certain posts and take advantage of missing keywords, so you can get some traffic. 

SeoQuake is an extension available for FireFox, Opera, Microsoft Explorer and Google chrome that allows you to:

  • Get a full SEO audit now.
  • Perform lightning-fast searches and get data from specific websites.
  • Get information on all internal and external links the site has.
  • Compare various SEO factors across multiple domains.
  • SEObar – Displays an instant summary of website statistics and traffic behavior.
  • SERP Overlay – Retrieve your competitors' top ranking posts and keywords in a single CSV report.
  • Keyword Analysis - Derive all top ranking keywords from one or more competitors.
  • To be sure, SEOQuake is a powerful extension that lets you do everything for free instead of paying for SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, or Ubersuggest, but it depends on your needs.

For example, Semrush starts at $120 per month but lets you have 5 different projects and keep track of them. This means one of your projects is only $24 per month and you can get a full package for 4+ people or have your clients pay you extra so you can track their keywords with advanced tools like Semrush .

With Semrush, you get:

  • 5 items (you can add 5 different websites and track them).
  • Track 500 keywords per day.
  • Keyword, domain and link analysis.
  • 10,000 keyword results per search.
  • 3000 reports per day.
  • 5 different PDF reports per day.

Unfortunately, not only does Semrush provide historical data in its lowest-level plans, it can also be a great exploit tool for your website. 

They get most of their results from user behavior and can easily show you what your visitors are really looking for every day. 

If you want to climb higher, receive more reports, and get more keyword opportunities, Semrush offers the Guru Pack for $230, which gives you a 3x boost on all the tools and extras mentioned earlier. 


Ahrefs is by far the best keyword analysis tool that allows you to filter keywords by difficulty and rank them based on Google results. 

Prices from Ahrefs start at $99 per website per month, allowing you to track 500 keywords per website and find unlimited keyword opportunities.

You also earn Crawl Credits, which allow the Ahrefs bot to crawl your site and find missing information, giving you the opportunity to rank and analyze your traffic and behavior over the past few months. 

With the Ahrefs Lite plan, you get:

  •  Mobile ranking analysis, showing your site's ranking in mobile searches.
  •  Track 175 competitor domains weekly.
  •  Track 700 URLs per week.
  •  Link checking tool.
  •  Your or your competitors' top 20 keyword positions.
  •  Top 10 competitor pages or domains.
  •  Report content gaps on your site or competitors.
  •  Generates 350 reports per week in its content browser.
  •  Monthly alerts of gained or lost backlinks.
  •  Track competitor backlink opportunities.
  •  Keyword suggestion tool with filters to easily find keyword rankings.

If you don't want to pay for Ahrefs and just need a keyword tracking tool, you can try Ahrefs' free keyword analysis tool, which lets you see how many people are searching for a particular keyword.

These metrics won't be as precise as the paid plans, but they can still help you determine your keywords and website rankings.

Their free keyword generator basically shows you what Ahrefs can do for your website and lets you decide if you should buy their package and start your ranking career. As people say, there are better keyword generator tools out there, but none of them are limitless.


MOZ is the correct choice for beginners who look for some free SEO tools before buying a premium. MOZ not only generously provides free testing tools, but also has an extension name, which can help you analyze:

  •  Each website.
  •  PA on each website.
  •  Reverse links of each website.
  •  Spam scores percentage.

The only thing you need to get the MOZ extension is to register for free packaging, and you can keep the extension forever. You can use it without paying any fees.

MOZ provides more tools than other SEO websites. You can analyze your website for free and understand the performance of the website without paying any fees. 

The best free SEO tool you can find is:

  •  Link Resource Manager -Get reverse link data in your website or website competition.
  •  Keyword resource manager -find hundreds of simple keywords.
  •  Domain Analysis -See the performance of the website.
  •  The free extension of Mozbar -Moz to track the results of DA, PA, SPAM and reverse link competitors.
  •  My online existence -Check the whereabouts of your website in the local search and find the opportunity to get higher rankings.
  •  Mozcast-follow-up will be the prediction of the next trend theme. This information is obtained directly from Google and provided it for free.

If you are looking for a good competitive tool, please find the best keyword opportunities for your website, Moz has always been the best choice. 

The cheapest MOZ package is worth $ 99 a month, and can accommodate up to 3 items. This means that each website is charged $ 33. 

For the MOZ standard package, you will get:

  •  300 keyword rankings on each website (totaling 1200 keywords).
  •  Mobile ranking results -tracking keyword performance.
  •  Five climbing nets according to the monthly requirements.
  •  10,000 lines of keywords per month.
  •  5 keyword lists, 100 keywords per list, and 100 links per list.
  •  Page hierarchical report -just check your SEO list on the page, highlight the loss of the loss, and rank the website with a higher website.
  •  200 queues per day.
  •  Unlimited in the page hierarchical report -to obtain unlimited reports about SEO performance on your page.

If you are not satisfied with their standard package, then the Moz Medium software package worth $ 179 per month can deepen your website performance. 

Not only do you get 10 times the number of travelers, keyword results and more opportunities to get ranking, but also get brand reports and report templates.


Ubersuggest is the new best choice for SEO tools. It can rank higher than other tools, and exceeds the cost of nothing from one point to nothing.

Ubersuggest is one of the best choices for each website owner. Most people have escaped high -priced tools, which are less tools provided by UberSuggest. Neil Patel is an outstanding businessman and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30. 

A good combination starts to optimize your website and improve the ranking, which is to use the free UberSest packaging with the UberSuggest extension program.

UberSuggest expansion program is completely free, and can produce 40 free search through competition analysis every day. Each keyword request will increase the volume and difficulty of keywords, that is, the same keywords, without actual access to the website and must explore the page. 

You will also receive many keywords for the content that people are looking for. The information is withdrawing from Google itself, so you will not receive false information.

Ubersuggest Extension provides you with the number of websites that track the highest results.

With the ranking of each website you see from 1 to 10, you can find their social information, such as how many Pinterest pins they get and how much Facebook they get.

You can also check some website authorities and measure whether your ranking is higher than competitors, or you need to search for other keywords. These keywords have many traffic and low websites ranking. 

Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools. It can only analyze the website and provide suggestions for how to improve it, which can help you determine the website ranking.


Their packaging starts from free and allows you:

  •  See competitors.
  •  Search 3 times a day (Google account for registered).
  •  Add your website and track the results.
  •  Filter keywords based on difficulty.
  •  Keyword ideas.
  •  Keyword recommendations.
  •  Related keywords.
  •  The potential tags you want to look for

The final device provided by Ubersuggest can be issued to the best keywords, so that your website can rank on the first page without problems. 

You also need a good article, which is not made for robots, but for those who are helpful, you can get rewards by sharing or even reverse links.

The cheapest packaging provided by Ubersuggest is only $ 12 per month, you can get:

  •  All features of free packaging.
  •  SEO training courses are gradually completed.
  •  Training twice a week, question and answer call.
  •  Email support.
  •  100 websites every day.
  •  3 websites projects.
  •  100 keywords tracked each project.
  •  Freedom honeycomb ranking tracking.
  •  Rankings in 20 countries -Check keywords in one country /region.
  •  1000 pages of each report.
  •  The top 20,000 keywords for each data.

If you are lazy to subscribe every month to get the SEO tool, then UberSuggest provides a lifelong package. The lowest lifelong software package is worth only $ 120, covering all basic software packages. 

If you want to use higher software packages, you can still complete the difference between paying and receiving the function of 3 times.

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