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Template blogger tokopedia

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I am back with the latest blog template to show you as a product trader / trending language is an online seller.
This template is inspired by one of the leading online stores in Indonesia, namely Toko Pedia. In fact, at first glance it looks close, but not 100% identical to the Toko Pedia theme.

However, with this blog template that is a bit like Toko Pedia, it gives the impression that the online store you create on Blogspot hosting will look cooler and of course user friendly for people who want to buy your products.

Features of Tokopedia Blogger Templates

free download here.!!!

 Looks similar to Tokopedia 90%
• 100% responsive
• Schema Markup
• Product Rating Icon
  Value data is taken from the number of comments from
• Slider Images
• Footer Wigdet
• 6 Columns Product / Post
• Very easy template setting just in layout
• Mobile Frendly
• Create product posts without HTML code
• Support Theme Color Change
• Category Dropdown Menu
• Header Sticky | Floats when scrolled
• Column Search Widget
• Related Search Labels
• Blogger Contact Widget
• Share button
• Related Post Products
• Breadcrumbs
• Barner Pop Widgets
• Payment Method
   via WhatsApp chat
   via Email from Blogger account
• WhatsApp Form Widget
• Review Comments System

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