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Free download Template LinkMagz v3.4

free download Template LinkMagz v3.4

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This Linkmagz template was created by mas sugeng with an interface design similar to the existing themes on wordpress. This template is a mix of Viotoko and Viomagz templates. This means that in addition to being able to create articles, you can also use this LinkMagz template to publish your products for sale, just like an online store.

For those who want to post products on this LinkMagz template, you can simply add product tags to each post without changing the posting mode like existing catalogs in e-commerce, or you can also add ad tags to make Sponsor Show.

LinkMagz templates load blazingly fast, and for bloggers who prioritize loading speed on every page, you'll love Linkmagz.

Another interesting feature of this template is placing ads directly from the layout page. This way you don't need to edit the html anymore, so this feature makes it easier for those who don't know coding.

Like other blogger templates with night mode, Linkmagz also has a night mode feature, you know. So if you think Mimin, it's done.

Also, you can change or modify this Linkmagz template by customizing the page, such as custom colors, set width, etc.

Another new feature that is no less than the LinkMagz 3.4.0 template is that it comes with an automatic table of contents (TOC) for each post, and it also comes with related articles.


Below are the benefits of LinkMagz templates along with descriptions.

1. Can publish products and services

As I mentioned above, a great feature of this LinkMagz template is that you can post about products and services on your blog, such as a WordPress blog powered by an ecommerce plugin.

Now, to post a product in the LinkMagz template, you simply tag each post with the name "product", or it can be "product" (without the quotes). After that, the publishing page will have the look and feel of a general e-commerce site.

2. Press Release Special Issue

In addition to being able to post products and services, you can also create special posts for the Advertorial or Sponsored categories by tagging each post with the names "Advertorial", "Ads" and "Sponsored" (without quotes). 

Posts for this ad will specifically hide the appearance of the author's profile, either above or below the post, and will also hide comments.

3. Fast loading

In today’s age of increasingly complex technological advancements, where almost 99% of people access social media on a daily basis, it can be extremely difficult to get the attention of internet users. Especially if you have a blog that takes a long time to load. That's why the loading speed of this LinkMagz template is a top priority.

4. SEO friendly

For SEO issues, you don't have to worry, all blog templates created by Mas Sugeng are SEO friendly, responsive and mobile friendly. 

5. Easy customization

Unlike other blog templates, this LinkMagz template is easily customizable and requires no knowledge of coding as all you have to do is edit it from the layout page on your blog.

6. Prepare for Night Mode

A feature that is trending in 2019 is Dark Mode or Dark Mode. This design trend isn't limited to blog or website design, it's showing up in multiple apps, and even this dark mode feature is now available on smartphones. 

With this feature in the LinkMagz template, your blog visitors can choose between regular mode or night mode display.

7. TOC (Table of Contents) Automatic

As we discussed above, the similarity between LinkMagz and wordpress themes is the availability of TOC functionality or automatic table of contents.

So this is useful if you have long articles with many titles. So it will make it easier for readers when they want to know what your content is all about with this TOC feature.


LinkMagz Template Features

The following features are available in the LinkMagz template:

ü  SEO friendly

ü  Responsive

ü  mobile friendly

ü  ready mode flag

ü  Order button via WhatsApp

ü  Product and Service Post Image Slider

ü  Related posts under the article

ü  Bread crumbs

ü  social media share buttons

ü  Auto ad widget in the middle of an article

ü  Sticky Navigation Menu

ü  Page navigation with load more modals

ü  smooth scrolling

ü  back to top button

ü  sticky sidebar

ü  Related posts in the middle of the article

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