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download mod bussid truck full strobo

download mod bussid truck full strobo

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Before downloading this modification file and installing it in the BUSSID game, you need to know all the features in the MOD game in advance, because when you use the Mod Busid Truck, you will immediately understand the functions and functions and functions of it.

1. Equipped with painting options

The first feature you will get is that when installing this CANTER BusSID MOD, you can find a variety of busids in the painting when installing other modified files. Usually only the car shape is modified, and only one is provided for you to use it. Painting. 

Therefore, even if the same appearance becomes another car, the appearance will be the same, but the difference is that when you install this Busid Mod, you can get a lot of cans and paint trucks. Different appearances. 

2. Complete change

In addition to the above functions, you will also be able to get a complete change in the complete change of MOD BusSID TRuck Mod. Among them The trucks make it seemingly luxurious and rushing cars that match the liver.

3. Open a lot of trucks

When installing this Canter Busid truck MOD, the choice of the truck you can get is not just one, because you will get at least 3 truck mods, such as Hino Trucks, CANATER TRUCKS without bathtubs. 

Therefore, you don't need to install other MOD files, because by installing this file, you will get a lot of benefits compared to other Busid Mod files. 

4. Can be modified

Now, when you install the 2022 Cack Mod truck we share, you can modify the truck, such as replacing the alloy wheels or adding other changes.

Of course, you know that not all the MOD files you installed on this BusSID can be modified again, because most people can only display the MOD form without having to modify the MOD form again, but now you can change the truck to more cooler.

5. No advertisement

Usually, when you want to install the MOD in the Indonesian bus simulator game, or you must watch the advertisement in the game, but this time you don't need to do this. 

Because this Hino CANTER BUSSID TRUCK MOD is equipped with features, without advertising can make the game do not display advertisements, so you can install it immediately and easily. 

6. Other functions

The last feature you will get on the CANTER BusSID TRuck Mod is that you can open the display button when you open the side torso and press the installation application so that three buttons will usually appear. Each button will open each button. Hyper, bathtub door and luggage door. 

With various excellent features, you can get these functions later. You will immediately get a modification application file and will feel more excited, so this time we will provide you with a review.

Download MOD Busid Truck Canter Full Strobo Vario 2022

You don't have to worry about you in this comment you will not provide you with a download link busid truck jar, so you don't need to find this application file again and go back and forth again. 

Therefore, you can download the application directly and install it directly with the help of other applications. Therefore, if you want to know where you can get the application, please refer to the following.

MOD BUSSID truck canned Tagal box

For the changes in the first truck module you will get, you can get Busid Truck Canter Box box and Trigy Mod like a truck on Indonesia, and you can quote you immediately below for download links.

  •  Canned Targapa box of MOD truck = here
  •  MOD truck canned half = here
  •  TARGAGAGE test = here
  •  Targap Gayor = here

MOD BUSSID Truck Canned Box

Then, in order to obtain other MOD trucks, we will provide a variety of different coatings to the Canter box -type truck MOD. Therefore, you can choose a display according to your needs. For this reason, please refer to the carts below.

  •  MOD TRuck Caner Box Standard = Here
  •  MOD TRuck Caner Box WSP = Here
  •  MOD truck canned box Mbois = Here
  •  MOD TRuck Caner Box Tam Cargo = Here

Bussid Truck Canter Mod Without Bathtub

Well, this time we also provide a review of Bussid Truck Canter Mod without a tub, it's pretty cool, usually you see this often on Indonesian roads, then you can also get the mod below.

  •  Mod Truck Canter Box without body = here
  •  Mod Truck Canter Box Loading Palm = here

Now, after you get the download link from this Mod Truck Canter, you can now install the mod in the Bus Simulator game on your smartphone, so you can use the mod.

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