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alight motion mod apk no watermark

alight motion mod apk no watermark
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Features Alight MOTION MOD PRO Version No Watermark

When you use the regular version of the application, you are not all available functions you can use. To open all available functions, you must buy the PRO version of the application. But now you don't need to do this. 

There is now a free price of PRO version. As we explained before, this application is a decline in the MOD version. It is equivalent to a high -level version, and the application has many excellent features. Let's discuss the function one by one.

1. Video rendering to various formats

The first feature of this application is to render the animation video as the required formats. Generally, the animation editor application only provides the GIF file type only for each editor result you completed. 

However, using this "get off the car" application, you can render various types of files from GIF, XML files, JPEG, PNG, MPEG video and PNG sequences. With a variety of very diverse file options, you can of course share videos with various types of equipment and social media.

Therefore, after the animation video is rendered on each device, you don't need to change again. You can upload or share with all the platforms and contacts you need. 

2. Edit video without watermarking

Each time the rendering is completed, most of these editing applications will provide watermarks or watermarks. However, when you use a decline in exercise, this water logo will not appear at all.

Therefore, the results of video editing will seem professional and original. Of course, if you use the ordinary version of the application, this function will not be found. Only by using the MOD version can you get it for free. 

3. Available tutorial

In addition to some of the excellent features we explained above, this application also provides tutorial services for people who are still beginners. With this tutorial service, you can learn how to easily use your application. 

This tutorial is also divided into several sequels, you can follow one by one. Of course, each sequel is equipped with a very important sub -discussion. Before using the application, be sure to explore the guide in detail. 

4. There are various effects on video animation

Another advantage of this application is to allow you to choose various effects available in the application. The existence of these effects will definitely make your editor feel unique and different. 

Moreover, if you are good at managing animation images. Although many, you will find the right effect without effort. The problem is that the available effect has been allocated based on their respective categories.

There are many categories, from light, text, color, images, blur, scattered scenery and so on. Great, the getting off the car also continues to develop these effects. Therefore, more and more effects in the future.

5. There are many interesting fonts

In addition to the very complete animation effect, this application is also equipped with various types of fonts, which can maximize the results of the animation video design. Of course, this type of font can be adjusted to the concept of video made.

Some fonts are relaxed and interesting concepts, as well as official and professional fonts. You only need to choose fonts that are most suitable for the concept of animation design. Great, you can get all these fonts for free. Everything can be automatically used in the MOD version of the "Sports Sports Professional" application.

6. There is a key frame animation function

Another excellent function contained in this application is key frame animation. With this function, you can make very clear and aesthetic animation videos. This function allows you to create track movements from objects in the video.

In addition, this feature can also be combined with key frames and time in the video editor. If you use the normal version of the decline, this function will not be found at all. However, when using the Pro Mod APK, you can of course use these features for free.

Name apkAlight Motion VA Editor Pro Version MOD Apk

pricefree (MOD)
developerAlight Creative Inc
size File60 MB
OS MinimumAndroid 5.5
Link DownloadHere
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