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7 Best Free Stock Inventory Software Download

7 Best Free Stock Inventory Software Download

Here are 7 best free inventory software downloads 2022. It lets you easily manage and track your business inventory. All of these inventory management software are completely free of charge and can be downloaded to your Windows PC.


This free software offers various features, such as: tracking your inventory and goods, maintaining inventory of your products, creating orders and invoices, tracking contacts, customers and receipts, helping trade owners to manage smart purchases, easy inventory management, promotion management, management process. business, its stock and sales, manage credit accounts and apply credit limits.

So, take a look at this list of free inventory management software and see which one you like the most.


7 Download Free Stock Inventory Software Best 2022

The following is a list of free stock inventory software downloads that we have summarized below:



Fakrama is one of the best free inventory management software for your computer. It keeps track of your inventory and items. You can use this freeware to maintain an inventory of your products. It lets you create orders and invoices, track contacts, customers and receipts, etc. The interface of this freeware has tabs.

Link Download:


Lecprog Stock Management Stock

Lecprog stock management is a free inventory software that allows you to keep an eye on the various items in which you deal with your business such as perishables, supplies, technology products, etc. This is a lightweight software. Lecprog stock management allows you to easily manage stock. If you are looking for a useful inventory management software then you will find this software quite useful.

Link Download:


Inflow Inventory

InFlow Inventory is freeware related to trading inventory. This free app manages and tracks your inventory, purchases and sales. With the help of these freeware small trade owners control and manage their inventory in a better way. You can easily enter details about products, purchase and sale records, stock details and also generate various reports for business correspondence. InFlow Inventory is used in manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, wholesale and so on.

Link Download:


Household List

Household Register is free inventory management software for your computer. It lets you manage and organize all the items on the stock list, at the office or at home. With the help of this freeware you can organize stock by owner and category. This is a lightweight software.

Link Download:


2BizBox ERP

2BizBox ERP is the best free ERP and inventory management software. Very useful for medium and small trade owners to keep an eye on their stock and resources. This can help large businesses to control their resources through the use of various applications that this freeware offers.

Link Download:


Stock Inventory

Stocks Inventory is a free inventory management software. It allows you to track your products or items on a transaction-by-item basis or by transaction type. It also prints your transactions and helps you replace damaged items. This freeware is specially made for medium and small businesses. Inventory Inventory helps you reorder inventory, get customer orders, and track inventory.

Link Download:


Right Control

RightControl is one of the best free stock control and inventory management software. It is basically made for those medium and small entrepreneurs to manage their inventory, stock and generate reports, in part. It has basic options for stock entry. You can even include some stock items in this freeware. This is a lightweight software.

Link Download:


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